NIST 2005 Rich Transcription Spring Meeting Evaluation

The RT05s evaluation welcomed a different kind of meetings to be evaluated. These are the meetings in a lecture environment, where a speaker is giving a lecture in front of an audience and there are eventual questions and answer periods. In this evaluation systems could be presented for either or both subtasks (lecture room and conference room data). The sets of microphones used was extended from the previous evaluations due to the existence of two new kinds in the lecture room data (entirely recorded by the partners in the CHIL project). These were labelled as MM3A (Multiple Mark III microphone arrays) which consisted on one or several 64 elements microphone arrays developed by NIST and positioned on one of the walls of the meetings room; and MSLA (Multiple source localization microphones) which are four sets of four microphones each, used primarily for speaker localization, but available also for speaker diarization. For a more thorough description of the tasks and microphone types please refer to Fiscus et al. (2005). The following is a brief description of the approaches taken in this evaluation:

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