Shopping pressure in India

When I got to India I though that the guides were telling me to be careful with people trying to speal money from me and to trick me just because I was a tourist. I got here a little afraid of that and I have found a totally different story that I want to share with you.

Pressure here by people trying to sell you a service or good is enourmous. I had never experienced people walking next to me for 5 minutes trying to sell me something, or for me to sit on their rickshaw to take me some place. I have to also admit that I have not felt in danger at any time that I would get my wallet stolen, or felt that they were looking for it even (I cary it in a secure place, nonetheless).

Bu let’s focus on the shopping pressure. Imagine you are waling down las Ramblas and every gifts shop has 2-5 people sitting outside and jumping on to you offering you to enter their shop becauyse they have very nice “something” or very cheap “whatever”. They sometimes list you all things that they can sell you (that must be ranked according to their top sells) and if they see that you make a different face when saying any of them they start with the pricing drop, to try to attract your attention. Furthermore, if they see you’re looking at anything they quickly take it to you and start with the pricing game.

My friend has the theory that their initial price can be lowered up to 30% that value. Getting lower than that is difficult and will take you more time, but we have done it :) I have to say that shopping in India has become like a sport for us, in which you end up with tons of things that probably won’t have space to put in my appartment (even if it’s new, read my previous posts) and won’t have space in the luggage.

Finally, I cannot conclude without telling you about comissions. Anywhere I have asked for information to someone they have given me an interested answer, either directing me to a place where they will get a comission or telling me that where/what I wanted was not possible, and telling me that they had another option, which was very cheap, of course. If you go shopping and can avoid these people from taking comissions you’ll be in a better position for barghaining a good price (which will not include their comission).

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