A grades Rasgos

10 days have already elapsed of this journey through the north of India and just now I have a “relaxing” evening in Agra (home of the Taj Mahal) to write an overall impression of the trip so far.

I will possibly talk about many of the particulars in other posts, but this means to be an “overall  impressions” entry, o “a grandes rasgos”.

When we got to India the welcoming was a bit harsh. We landed on July 14th at 11PM. Given that July 15th was national holyday and that the president had to give a talk in Delhi’s Red Fort, we got a bit stuck in the airport with people telling us that they would not be able to take us to the hotel (Within the restricted area) and that the hotel had shut down for the night.

We got serious and after being in a taxi for 2:30 hours we got to what seemed to be a hotel. The hotel turned out to be very nice inside, eventhough we had to get in through some small doors and avoiding people that were sleeping in the street.

The next day we met 2 girls from Mataro and their mother, and we embarked together on an 8 days trip through the Rajstan by taxi. For this we had the company of 2 drivers that did not speak much english at all (otherwise from what the tourist office had told us). 

We have just finished our toor and landed in Agra. This has by far the hottest climate so far. Today me and my comanion have suffered a bit from a heat stroke as we walked though the Taj Mahal area.

Tomorrow we are heading towards Delhi but just doing a pitstop in our way to Rishikesh, town of Yoga and ayurvedic massages. I’ll tell you more about that later.

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