De paseo por… India

Hi friends,

this si about to start… in two days I’ll be heading off to India for 15 days of vacation. I have been looking forward to it for a couple of months now, and although one of the three murketeers unfortunately cannot make it, we are still in good mood and looking forward to Ankara, Delhi, and a cultural shock.

In fact, in order for the trip to be just a cultural shock, and not an illnesses shock, I have finally let myself down to the vaccination center in Barcelona. I am not a good friend of needles and I had been putting off the trip to the doctor (even considering not going at all), until today I was talking to a friend at work and convinced me that this was not very good.

I am happy to have gone and in fact, I left with 3 shots and no pain at all (except for sosme pain in my wallet). Except for some time waiting, I got an excellent attention and very professional people who answered all my questions and offered me more information that I had asked for about what to buy in terms of medicines, and what to do and not to do in there.

So I would just say, listen to your friends all the time, but leave to professionals whatever comes to health issues. They are the only ones that really can tell you what is really convinient for you. 

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