My new flat

Dear reader,

it’s been a while (over 6 months) from my first post til this one, and I felt that enough was enough, that I need to focus and write a bit more. One of the reasons why I have not been very prolific in writting is because I just got my new flat, which took some time to find and has taken (less) to settle in.

Now I can say that I am an owner! of a morgage, al least.

I will leave the description and some pictures about the flat for another time. Now I would like to talk about the “moving in” issue. I call it an issue as it is not an easy thing, mostly when the flat is not a new one (like mine) and you have a bunch of things to change from an old flat to this one.

In my case the actual “moving” was pertty fast. I had to be out of my old 30m2 rented appartment by July 31st, and I only got to sign the morgage and get the keys by the 30th afternoon. Me and my girlfriend started carrying boxes on that evening and we finished the big stuff  with my dad on the 31st in the morning. We can definitely say that everything was finalized by the 31st afternoon, as I needed to leave for Valencia, where I had to be on the 1st :) So we carried a full bunch of boxes into the livingroom in less than 24 hours, with 3 people and lots, lots of sweat…. and a parking violation ticket.

Getting all these boxes into their places is not as easy as I thought. First you need to make sure that the place you’re going to place something is clean before you do so, which sometimes hapened not to be, and therefore there is some time spent in trying to get that spot or dust out of there. I am alergic to dust, which makes it even funnier as I could not stop sneezing during the whole days I have been putting order…

Once the “recipient” is clean, it is time to put the content in there. In doing so it is not easy job either, as both the new and old flats are not the same (one is 3.5x the size of the other). There is normally a lot of thinking on where I want my things stored, which is normally contrasted and discussed on an item basis with the loved ones (in my case it was not so bad).

Finally, today, I can say that there are not more full boxes in my livingroom (there are some empty ones, waitin for a trip to the recicling container downstairs). The though part has finished, but now another paret starts: the rest of the cleaqning and the improvements part. I have many ideas on things that I can place in the flat to make it more livable, and there is still a lot to clean (including the livingroom floor) which will certainly be adressed next.

One thing is true, it makes a big difference to clean and put things in order in an appartment that is yours than one that is just rented. I have spent the last 10 years renting  places, and it feels more important now.

Overall, I love my new flat!  

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