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Hi reader!

I would have never promised anyone that I would be starting a blog this year. Indeed, this was not one of my year’s resolutions, but here I am :)

Lately I have discovered how important it is to get our individual word out. As insignificant it might seem, it can help someone, and it can also help me. In fact, by writting things, or talking them out loud, I get them more clear in my mind.

This blog will not be about technical stuff only. I am a EE/Telecos and I work on speech processing, but not all in life is work, or is it?

The blog will neither be about politics. I am not very political myself, therefore although sometimes I might reffer to something that catched my attention, I will only take the side that aligns with what I think, and not what whatever political party says.

Also, the blog is not intended to be about traveling (cause I am mostly stationary right now), or food (I like to eat it, not to talk about it) or culture, or economy, or…

So, what can I talk about? a little bit of everything and a lot of nothing. This is why I titled it “Estoy de paseo”, which it means that I am taking a walk around many topics, whichever catched my attention and I felt like writting about a bit.

Ah, and who am I? I am Xavi, living in Barcelona (Spain) as for now, working for a big telco company and currently single.

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